Our Story

What if you could clone your favorite writer?

On an occasion or two, Kim Grob and Jen Jackson both wished they had clones of themselves to beat off tight deadlines and avoid those late night writing sessions. After ten years of working autonomously, they realized they could. Well, in a sense.


Jen and Kim, the early years

Will collaborate for candy.

Growing up, Kim was the fearless salesperson—ringing neighbor’s doorbells selling cookies or oversized chocolate bars. Jen, the allegiant little sister, managed the process—tallying the sales and plotting their next target. Even back then, working together as a team paid off handsomely for the sisters. And their rewards often came by way of a 2-foot Sugar Daddy or a Shaun Cassidy poster.

Can 2 = 1?

As working adults, Jen and Kim have seized each other’s strengths and essentially morphed into one. They’ve discovered that intrepid salesmanship combined with relationship-based management makes for a pretty good team. Along with sharing their writing skills, they’ve relied on one another for business advice, parenting advice, and comic relief in times of distress. Through those times they’ve found that the advice du jour is typically a reiteration of advice given by the other just a week before.

Yes, it can.

With Write On, their clients are getting two like minds, a shared sense of responsibility, and one big serving of passion for the people they work with and projects they care about.