But first, are you experienced?

Author: Kim Grob

New business always brings a rush of exhilaration. People find us, like us, want us! But there can sometimes be a bit of a wet blanket feeling when, after the general hosannas have quieted, the inevitable question arises: “What’s your level of expertise in tax law/biodegradable plastic/cycling gear/microprocessors/community giving/open source/exchange traded funds/education/health care/telecommunication/solar panels/etc./etc./etc.”?

The answer? We’re not experts in any of these industries. We’re experts in writing. We can make you feel the childlike exhilaration of riding a bike, taste the exquisite flavors of a gourmet chocolate bar, or truly understand–for the first time–what it feels like to be an illiterate adult. We can make you believe in change. We can even get you to open your wallet and help fund it.

How do we do it? By bringing a writerly passion for storytelling to our clients’ causes, organizations, and businesses. We dive deep into the details and pluck out the gems that make people think and act differently. As writers, it’s something we’ve been doing ever since we learned to craft stories in our creative writing classes, at our magazine jobs, and through our copywriting gigs.

The coolest part? The ways we tell stories are evolving all the time. Maybe we’ll tell our next story with a series of tweets, or a mockumentary video, or a whimsical pop-up book. Who knows? Once creative minds get thinking, the possibilities are endless. But if we’d specialized only in direct-mail tax law writing for a B-to-B audience, would we have been able to see all this infinite potential?

And that’s why we’re unapologetic generalists. Because we love bringing our whole, messy selves to a job. Because we believe in wide-open spaces, not carefully drawn boundaries. And because the question shouldn’t be “how is your experience like ours?” It should be, “how can you imagine a whole new experience for us?”